Over 50 years of success with a constant attention for the quality and the technological development make Selva S.p.a. a leader on the European nautical market.

First Selva S.p.a. headquarters at Sesto San Giovanni (Milano) in 1948.

The works for the construction of the first lot of the actual head office in Tirano began in the spring of 1959 when its founder and beloved manager Lorenzo Selva Sr. decided to move part of the activity, and in particular the new mass-production of outboard motors from the original seat in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), that was already been working in the motors field since 1945 (for example it supplied the Innocenti with some components of the "historical" Lambretta) to the charming resort in Valtellina, on the Italian-Swiss border.

Today, more than 50 years after its first steps, it can be stated that, thanks to the increasing demand, its continuous technological development and to the constant introduction of machinery and high-technology equipment, SELVA S.p.A. can be considered as the sole reality in Europe where the production cycle of marine engine components and total units is really complete, from die-casting to the whole range of machining performed on sophisticated CNC machining centers, heat treatment and specific anticorrosion operations, to special painting cycles in four stages, assembly, testing, packaging and shipping.

Our motors, are recognized as high qualified for your job, your free time and cruiser activities, they won some of the most difficult and prestigious competitions obtaining 40 world, 65 European and 150 Italian trophies, conquered in different classes from 400 to 1000 cm3, in circuit and off-shore.

Selva Marine is MEMBER OF UCINA, CONFINDUSTRIA NAUTICA (Italian Recreational Marine Industry Association) and MEMBER OF IMEC (Worldwide Marine Engines Manufacturer Association).

Selva Marine: SOLE IN EUROPE

Our Company can be considered as the sole production reality in Europe where the production cycle of marine engine components is really complete, from the die casting to final packing.

This is to be pointed out that SELVA S.p.A. has remained since more than 15 years the only European company which has in production a complete range of outboard motors (15 base models and 44 different versions from 2,5 hp to 80 hp) and is the official supplier of the Italian Coast Guard and of several Italian "armies".

Our production is mainly distributed in Europe, in the Mediterranean basin receiving great approvals, and our motors, recognized as high qualified for your job, your free time and sport activities, won some of the most difficult and prestigious competitions.


Selva S.p.A. has been certificated ISO9001 in May 2004 and has upgraded its quality system according to the 2008 edition of the same regulation, and now it has once again adapted to the version of 2015 of this regulation. Therefore, the complete production cycle follows all the standards defined in this rule.

The reliability of our products was also strengthened by the fact that these in the past have been supplied as components to leading manufacturers of marine engines companies in the world.

Currently the company is among the suppliers of important customers like Yanmar for their Sail Drive and Stern Drive units that are exported directly to their distribution center in the Netherlands and supplied throughout the world market, Torqeedo GmbH for which we produce components of first installation for their electric outboard motors, Seven Marine and Neander Shark GmbH with which we have a vivid collaboration in progress for the production of a diesel outboard motor.

The control and management of every aspect of the manufacturing process has allowed us to reach a high level of attention to details.
The main "strength points" of our products, with particular reference to the outboard motors, can be summarized as follows:

  • simplicity of construction and Italian style
  • easy maintenance and assistance
  • extreme unification of the components
  • low fuel consumption and high performances

Selva S.p.A can be defined with pride as a “typical and historical Italian family company” with a long and unique tradition of international relations, runned with great passion and dedication by the third generation of “small north Italian entrepreneurs”.

Based on all this, the SELVA S.p.A. management engages in the administration of relationship with Customers and Suppliers in accordance with the principles and requirements contained in the new UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 in order to:

  • to meet in a better way the needs of Customers in terms of product and service quality;
  • to maintain an adequate partnerships with Suppliers for mutual benefits.

To this end, the management is committed to maintaining an appropriate level of the following general aspects with the standards required by the interested parties :

  • involvement and empowerment of the staff on the qualitative aspects of the internal organization and "service" to customers;
  • awareness of staff to comply with the demands and the "expectations" of Customers;
  • training of Staff on the documents forming the Management System for the Company Quality;
  • selection and evaluation of suppliers;
  • registration of controls carried out within production places;
  • management of internal and external non-conformities;
  • execution of corrective actions and improvement;
  • execution of internal audit inspections;
  • compliance with mandatory laws;
  • reduction of scraps in production;
  • increase in production efficiency of the installations;
  • increase in sales volumes;
  • better control and management of the business process from design to production in terms of quality management and safety of the activities carried out.